Puzzle-related Links

Here are some links to sites that you may find interesting. This page is pretty much a work in progress, as there are many worthy sites for both buying and learning about puzzles.

If you have a puzzle-related site that you would like to add to this page, send me an email at blaire@pelicanpuzzles.com with the address and a brief description of your site. Please limit yourself to two sentences.

Jigsaw Puzzle History

Bob Armstrong's Old Jigsaw Puzzles - Bob has assembled an impressive site. It includes beautiful examples of the vintage puzzles that he has collected and restored as well as information about the history of puzzles and an analysis of cutting styles.

The Association for Games and Puzzles International - Many current puzzle makers belong to this association, which contains lots of information about the history of puzzles and provides a forum for discussion.

puzzlehistory.com - This site has lots of information about both wooden and cardboard puzzles.

Other Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Makers

There are many talented people making wooden jigsaw puzzles today. Each has his or her own style and specialty. This is not an exhaustive list - simply a list of the people I know about and whose work I admire.

Custom Puzzle Craft - Custom Puzzle Craft makes wooden jigsaw puzzles with the highest standards of excellence for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

Jardin Puzzles - Makers of heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle is cut by hand, each one unique and meant to be enjoyed for generations.

Keystone Puzzles - Maker of high quality hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. Offering a selection of pre-cut jigsaw puzzles ready to ship! Plenty of figurals and a variety of cutting styles are available.

MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles & Fine Art Gallery - Makers of unique hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and children with 4 to 2,500+ pieces, using personal enlarged photographs, fine art prints, logos and digital images. Each jigsaw puzzle is custom made to order and completely personalized for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Anniversary and Holiday gifts.